Boris Smelov, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 1993 | Masha Ivashintsova

In 1993 Masha encountered her former lover, photographer Boris Smelov, on the street. By the time they have not seen each for more than a decade. On the day of their encounter, Masha took a picture of Boris. Then Boris used Masha's camera to take a picture of her. When I look at those two photographs, my heart starts to ache. I see two exhausted humans obliterated by time. In five years, on the 24th of January 1998, Maria wrote in her diary: «Borya Smelov died. He died on the street, not so far from our house. He froze to death outside. He died. The love is gone. Today, we had a funeral next to the Church of Smolensky cemetery. A lot of people came [...]. I kissed Borya's lifeless forehead. I prayed together with Vitya Krivulin. I held a candle, I held flowers, threw a handful of soil onto his coffin. At home, after talking to Asya, I cried so much. What a terrible, bitter loss».