Viktor Krivulin, Yalta, Crimea, 1979 | Masha Ivashintsova

Poet Viktor Krivulin was one of the key people in my mother's life. For many years he was her lover. According to her, he was her first true love. They were together, then they split up, then they were together again, then they split up again. This went on for years. Masha devoted many pages of her diary to their relationship: «When I am alone with Viktor, it seems that I could not wish for anything better. It does not even matter what he is saying. He is saying something and his words are like fresh reviving water. I am hearing something inside my chest, I can breathe again and I am feeling life on the tip of my tongue. His words... I swim in them like a fish in the water and I feel my body yield to the stream — his words carry me away».